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Site Build It Experts Express, Issue #005 -- Online Business Building
May 24, 2004

Site Sell Experts
Golden Nugget Newsletter
Volume #5 | 24/05/2004

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the monthly newsletter.

My name is Judd Burdon. I head up the Site Build It expert advisor program for Dr. Ken Evoy, the founder and President of In my role I speak with hundreds of folks each month who are looking for ways to use SBI to drive traffic and make their businesses a success.

I created my newsletter as a FREE service to share my SBI techniques and learning with you -- regardless of whether or not you are already an SBI user. My belief is that the more help I can offer you -- the greater your degree of success will be -- and your success will in turn encourage you to refer people to me -- a true Win-Win situation!

So with this in mind I would ask you to share any of your thoughts, suggestions, and SBI experiences with me at . I always appreciate feedback as I am interested in making each and every newsletter edition as helpful and meaningful as possible. :-)

Building a theme based site with Site Build It!

Building a theme-based site with site build it is really not that difficult. SBI really provides you with all the tools needed to create a successful site that is trafficked online. Many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong site theme or concept when they first get started. The real key is to take advantage of the SBI system right from the get-go. You are provided with the site build it manager which is one of the most important tolls that you are provided with when you first buy SBI.

The SBI manager allows you to jot down different ideas that you may have and the system will then brainstorm your ideas to find out which topic is most profitable in regards to traffic. Believe it or not -- when I first got started with SBI I had no clue that I would be building out my FIRST site called "", I actually thought that I was going to be building out a web site in the electronic industry. It was only after the brainstorming in the SBI manager that I found out that there were profitable keywords in regards to traffic in the asphalt industry and that I had a better potential at getting more traffic than if I were to build a site in the electronic industry. The facts are -- You have ALL the tools from the get go to make this all work for you.

There are just so many people out there that choose the wrong theme or idea and they build their site based upon what they think they should build upon rather than building it upon the numbers and statistics. Build your pages based on key words that have a high demand and a low supply don't build your pages based upon what you think they should be built on.

A good example would be my web site -- if you go there and you take a look at my left-hand navigational bar you will notice a variety of different links. These links all include a keyword like Acne creams, moisturizing creams, tea tree oil history, etc. these are some of the keywords that I found in the site build it manager -- they were shown to have a high demand (number of people searching) and a low supply (competition). So, I built my pages based on the numbers and now have top rankings in the search engines for these keywords with wonderful traffic results.

It is so important to follow the action guide that comes with the SBI package as it really explains all of the above in detail. Ken Evoy really knows what he is speaking about -- he has built one or two things in the past that have worked out very (EXREMELY) well ;-) --> for Ken Evoy followers you know exactly what I'm talking about :-)

In my second newsletter I wrote the following..........

Letís get some posts up so that we can help each other do that much better online Ė please feel free to provide tips and information that you feel SBI users and PRE-users should know about. Letís build a community that succeeds!

Thanks to all the people who have been posting lately. You have been a tremendous help to many people. I hope that you can get over to our message boards and make a few posts as well. it is a great place to ask a question if you are pre-customer or even if you're an existing customer. It is important to develop a community of successful users that interact as it will only help to grow each others' business at the end of the day.

I also want to thank a very special person who has done a tremendous job with SBI and has been extremely helpful. I invite you to read his case study at

It is really amazing to see what people can achieve when they roll up their sleeves and follow a system that is step-by-step. If you honestly follow it to a "tee" it is extremely hard to go wrong. If you have not already bought SBI I really would like to ask you why? Your answer will help me to understand what kind of questions can be answered better on . I would really appreciate any questions or feedback on this -- -- I will do my best to answer your questions so that you can move forward with SBI. I really do my best to help.

Always Remember Ken Evoy's Famous
"CTP then and ONLY then M"












CONTENT: Remember -- People are not looking for you -- they search for information, and for solutions to their needs. Give them what they want by converting your knowledge into high-quality, in-demand CONTENT.  

TRAFFIC: Using the powerful SBI system your theme-based topical content ranks high at the Search Engines, attracting free, targeted TRAFFIC. They are interested, open-to-you visitors.

PRESELL: Remember, it's all about the Buying process. You develop trust and confidence ("PREsell") by OVER delivering relevant, original, high-value information to these motivated pre-customers.

*Adding audio to your emails or to your web site is just another step closer to gaining that trust and confidence that will later get your warm, targeted traffic to convert.

Then, and only then...

MONETIZE: MONETIZE your warm, willing-to-buy visitors in various ways. Sell hard goods, e-goods, your personal or professional services... or all three. Or, become a "pure infopreneur" and earn substantial income without selling at all, through Google Ads, affiliate commissions, finder's fees and other techniques.   

Need Some Professional ONE to ONE
Guidance with SBI?

Rob Oskins is a Certified Site Build It Web Master

Here he is again :-) I include Rob Oskins in my newsletter every month for one reason and that is because he is an absolutely outstanding guy with incredible management skills, he understands SBI like the back of his hand, he knows how to develop a site that will get targeted trafficked, I would recommend Rob to a friend, family member or really anybody I know because he takes the right steps to build a successful online business. Once you communicate with Rob I am sure you will realize how professional he is.

Rob is quite busy working on SBI sites for people right now -- but, I am sure he has time for one or two more people right now ;-)

 Get a FREE quote from Rob Oskins!

Need an SBI! Top header Banner?

I introduced Thierry to you in my last newsletter. Theirry Dehove is an extremely impressive graphic artist who has designed over 200 different styled SBI banners for us at an extremely low price and you can go to get your personal banner at

People love Thierry's banners and I even used a custom banner that he created for me on my site. I love it and people actually ask me quite often how and who did it for me.

Image Preview

Here are a few more examples of the banners that Thierry has created, I really recommend that you go to  to see the full size versions with different color choices.

Image Preview

You can also get Thierry to create a very special customized banner for you, one-to-one. You can contact Thierry at

Looking for the Guaranteed online business building success solution -- Go to and give Site Build It a try risk free today! 

All my best as always and please keep me posted on your SBI site!

Judd Burdon

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