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Site Build It Experts Express, Issue #09 -- Following the Right Steps
March 23, 2005

Welcome to the Newsletter.

My name is Judd Burdon. You are receiving this newsletter because you are interested in learning how you can be more successful online. I do my absolute best to provide valuable information and knowledge that I have been fortunate enough to pick up over the last couple of years. As you may know I run the SiteSellExperts Advisor program for Dr. Ken Evoy at I have created 4 successful online businesses that have helped me become financially free and I am able to work from anywhere in the world.

As you know you are the decision maker of what your future will be. I am happy to provide you with valuable information and advice and hope that you follow in the same steps that I have taken. Consider this newsletter to be the guide or introduction to online success - It's completely up to you to follow it :)

SiteSellExperts Newsletter Discussion Points:

1. Where Have I Been -> Section #1

2. SiteSellExpert Community Reaches 400 Members -> Section #2

3. CTPM Reminder ;-) -> Section #3

4. 2 Hour Tele-Seminar Recorded CD and Transcript For You -> Section #5

5. Need an SBI! Top Header Banner to Jazz up the Look of Your Site? -> Section #6

6. KickStart Keyword Tools is one of the Best Investments you could Ever make with SBI! -> Section #7

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All the best,

Judd Burdon

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