Brainstorming and Research
Using the SBI! Manager

You can now build a profitable Web-based business on ANY theme.

Follow the step by step process, as the Action Guide leads you from DAY to DAY, from tool to tool, starting with... the Brainstorming and Research tool of the SBI! Manager.

The SBI! Manager Researches the Web on your theme. It brings back a list of the most profitable topics, around which you create your site and your whole e-business.

Here is an Example of what the SBI! Manager looks like... Extremely Simple, Extremely Valuable and Extremely Effective...

The SBI Manager Will tell you the:

"Demand" -- the number of people searching for each keyword in a particular month...

"Supply" -- the number of sites that supply that particular keyword...

"Profitability" -- A calculation done between the demand and the supply... the higher the profitability number the better... AND, it also comes back with different website URL's related to each particular keyword on the list. This is great for doing Research and finding Potential Online Affiliates!!!