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Image Preview Carbonite is the backup online solution trusted by Microsoft Money 2007

Don’t risk losing your important Files, Financial information, Music, Photos and emails.

Carbonite will protect all the important personal data on your computer for just $5 per month.

Every day thousands of people just like you suffer computers breakdowns, failures and hard drives crashes and they wish they had a data backup online solution to protect their important personal data stored on their computers.

Try Carbonite, the data backup free online service for 15 days FREE of charge – NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED– no gimmicks or catches. We won’t ask you for any personal information either and you’ll discover how easy it is to automatically backup data online

Choose Carbonite, the online, fully automatic data backup encrypted online secure service chosen by Microsoft Money for only $5 a month.  

Carbonite is Simple, Secure and Automatic

·                     Always on - just connect to the Internet

·                     Set and forget - just start Carbonite and relax

·                     Instantly detects and backs up changed files

·                     Never slows down your computer or Internet

·                     Exclude files you don't want to back up

How Carbonite Works –

Simple - Installation is a snap. Carbonite’s online backup service starts automatically and works quietly and continuously in the background protecting your data. If you’ve accidentally erased something, don’t worry; we’ve still got a copy. You can restore deleted files with just a few clicks on your PC. If your PC crashes, just visit our website to recover lost files

Save and Secure – Your backup data online is stored save and secure at the Carbonite secure remote backup centers. No one can see your data but you because your files are encrypted before they leave your computer. We use the same encryption techniques that most banks and e-payment sites do.

Automatic and Always On - Carbonite online backup software is always looking for new data on your PC. The moment you add or modify files, Carbonite swings into action to back up your data. Whenever your PC is connected to the Internet (at home, the office, a hotel or airport…) Carbonite is working to keep your data safe. And it will never slow down your PC or Internet connection.

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