SBI!'s Web Hosting includes Electronic Newsletter Publishing!

The Mailout Manager saves you time by building an HTML and text newsletter simultaneously. You can create an HTML newsletter with graphics and formatting, just as you would create HTML pages in your site and SBI! will automatically created a properly formatted text version of the newsletter.

SBI! also delivers the right format to your subscribers. When they confirm their subscription to your newsletter, we automatically detect their mail client's ability to receive HTML or text e-mail. We then send them the appropriate format.

The Mailout Manager has some other neat features:

  • Auto-Archive: SBI! automatically creates an archive of your newsletters so subscribers can read back-issues. Plus it creates more pages for the Search Engines to pick up!

  • OpenRate: Tells you how many of your subscribers have opened your newsletters.

  • SpamCheck: This feature lets you know if your newsletter is 'spammy' and if it risks being blocked by spam filtering software.

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