SBI!'s Web Hosting Package includes 4 Traffic Center HQ's.

Here's what SBI!'s TrafficCenter HQs provides...

1) Search Engine HQ: When you build a page, Solo Build It! automatically submits it to all the major engines, according to the way, and the frequency, that they want it, and exactly the way a human would submit it by hand.

The HQ reports, for each major engine...

  • when it was submitted
  • when it was spidered
  • when it was indexed
  • where your page ranks for the specific keyword that the page focuses upon
  • how your visitors are finding you - be ready for a few surprises!

Perhaps a certain page is not doing as well as others with the major (free) Search Engines? You can see why, and then make adjustments to improve your rankings.

2) Paid SE HQ: Up to date info, and recommendations, on the burgeoning field of pay-for-inclusion (and other paid) programs of the major engines. No need for you to keep up to date. We do that for you. All condensed down into the info you need to know... and to act upon.

3) Pay-Per-Click HQ: These are one of the best traffic-building bargains on the Net. Information about the pay-per-clicks is included in this section. Use Solo Build It! Manager to execute the strategies outlined here and in the Action Guide.

4) Directory HQ: Many people think that directories are the same as search engines. Nope. To boil it down, directories are really just gigantic collections of bookmarks, chosen and compiled by humans (not spider robots). This section shows you how to get the most out of them.

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