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Another Successful SBI'er

Jeff Phillips 

Image PreviewHi! 

My name is Jeff Phillips. I am an Industrial Engineer by profession working as a department manager in the      OEM/aftermarket automotive industry. I am married to the woman of my dreams and have 2 daughters (6 and 8)and a son who is almost 2.

That was then...

3 years ago I was working as an Industrial Engineer making barely enough to cover our bills and have a little left over. After 1 1/2 years in this position my company filed for bankruptcy and as a result the company was put up for sale.

I did not know what to do... I was so apprehensive about the future and what it held for myself and my family. I had several interviews but unlike my perfect track record prior to 9/11, I did not get a job...not even a phone call to thank me for coming in anyway.

I continued to stay at my position knowing that at any minute my position could go away... just like that... and then I would be in huge trouble.

Through several months of bidding and plant tours we were finally bought out by a large company out of Dallas and I was asked to take over the procurement/Inventory Department. There was no pay raise involved. I was told that I should feel fortunate to still have a job.

A few months passed and then January rolled around...our accountant/controller walked out and I was asked to take over his duties as well. Overworked and stressed to the max with no increases in pay or benefits I learned to just put one foot in front of the other.

My first Encounter

One day toward the end of June 2004 I was looking up business opportunities on the net knowing there must be something out there that was real. A way to make some extra cash without having to invest a small fortune, something I did not have at my disposal. I ran across a website advertising and their revolutionary web building program.

I saved it to favorites but I assumed it was just a big hype like ever other company saying their product was the best. Who do you believe anymore?

A few days later I went back and looked at the site more thoroughly and as I began to read the concepts and methods and as I looked at the results I ran across Judd's website, Rob Oskins site,, these were amazing.... they were nice clean websites but not up in your face like most sites. Yet they were getting results...huge results!

The site that really blew me away was the site designed and created by a 14 year old girl. This struck me like lightning! I have 2 daughters and I immediately began to imagine one of them being 14 years old and running their own highly successful website. The though was like a drug! If a teenage girl could do that then I knew without a doubt that I could.

After all, I have built many sites for churches and various people. Some were paid and some were simply pro-bono (for friends who did not mind asking me for free work and I did not have the frame of mind to be able to say no.)

I immediately began trying to find a way to come up with $400 and I was willing to do anything. I talked to my wife about it and she did not share my passion. In fact she felt like our money would be better spent elsewhere.

I finally get it

I finally resolved to borrow against my 401k and get the site going. I was so pumped up that I decided to buy it online... I was filled with adrenaline as I filled in the blanks and typed in my debit credit card number! My life was about to change... I knew it!

For 4 weeks now I have spent hours and hours building my website at I have been smoking meat for years and never dreamed I would ever have a website about it. I work till 3:00 in the morning almost every day only to get in bed and get a few hours sleep before having to rise back up and be at work at 8:00 AM.

My First Month

It is now July 29th and been online almost a month. I have sold one copy of SBI! as a 5 Pillar Affiliate with SiteSell and made a commission of over $100 for that. My AdSense ads have generated over $100 as well. As this month comes to a close and I realize I have made over $200 my first month and averaging 54 unique visitors per day, I am filled with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

I could not have done this alone... this has been a partnership of efforts between myself, the wonderful staff at SiteSell who I email and call weekly, Judd who has been so helpful, all of the successful sites that have been key to letting me know that I can do this as well... 

Thank you,

Jeff Phillips