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- Two Year Trip To Independence -

My name is Larry Pike. I began building my first web site two years ago. In those two years it has replaced the corporate income from both my wife Holly's job and mine. We now work at our own business from our home and have a 30 second commute - down the stairs. Here's how we did it and how Site-Build-It helped!


Holly was trained as a classical musician. Five years ago her arm was injured and she could no longer play or teach music. She worked her way into a new career as a computer systems analyst, but missed the artistic outlet of playing music. In searching for an outlet for her talents she ended up in a sewing store and bought an embroidery machine.

This is a computer-controlled sewing machine that puts designs onto fabric. When you see a corporate logo on someone's shirt or jacket, it was put there by one of these machines. Holly started to make a business out of sewing embroidery for people but quickly realized that she did not enjoy the repetitive aspect of doing the same thing over and over again. What she did enjoy was creating the designs so she focused on making designs that were usable by lots of people instead of one particular company.

While Holly accumulated design creations, I set about making a web site to sell them on. I had been a competent computer user, creating spreadsheets and simple databases in the past, but making a web site was a whole new area for me. I searched for someone to build the site for us, but the price quotes were $10,000 and up! Finally, I learned a little bit of HTML from a friend, found software I could use to make a site and launched our first site in August of 2002.

By November of 2002 we had learned more about marketing on the web and had our first month of over $1,000 income from our business. At that point, Holly left her corporate job and began working full-time on building her inventory.


After six months online, we noticed that while our web site was doing well once customers found it, the search engines did not rate it very highly. That started my search for how to build a web site that would rank highly in the search engines.

After buying an e-book called "Google Ranking Secrets Revealed" I knew what the search engines were looking for in a web site. I looked at all the tools I knew about for building a search-engine-optimized web site and thought that I was in for several hundred hours of carefully building a site by hand. Doing one final search before starting the job, I found Site-Build-It.

I called the toll free number at 1-888-987-3669 that would let me talk to a real Site-Build-It web site owner and met Judd Burdon (You can read Judd Burdon’s case study at ) I asked Judd technical questions about the HTML, did it do this and did it do that, and Judd didn't know a thing about html, yet his web site was ranked at the top of the search engines on some very competitive keywords. I viewed the source code for his site and it was exactly what I was trying to make for my new site. How could he have achieved top rankings and NOT know anything about the details of how it worked?


That's when it dawned on me.... You do not have to know anything about the technical aspects of building a search-engine-optimized web site as the SBI site-building tools take care of those details for you! I bought the Site-Build-It package on the spot and started working on my new site that evening. A few days later, I had several pages finished and was waiting to see how Google liked the new site.

Google likes it - a lot! My Site-Build-It site now has 22 pages on it. On the six top search engines (Google, Fast, Inktomi, AltaVista, MSN and Lycos) my 22 page Site-Build-It web site has 60 number one spots and 72 top-ten spots. In the month of January, it had 9,012 unique visitors and a good percentage of them converted to buying customers on my other sites.


As soon as I looked at Judd's sites (, ), I realized that Site-Build-It is a powerful and unique product. I stayed in contact with Judd and when he was ready to expand the team of Site-Build-It advisors I joined him part-time in talking with potential SBI customers. I am totally sold on the SBI system and believe anyone's online business would benefit from adding a Site-Build-It web site.

I left my corporate job on January 12th of 2004. I am currently working on "finishing" our three current web sites. I then have two more sites to build out. One of them will be a Site-Build-It site and the other a subscription site.

Every week I see another viable way to build an online business that could do the same thing all over again, but all successful web businesses have at least one thing in common.... TRAFFIC! To build a successful online business, follow the Site-Build-It process.... Content - Traffic - PREsell – Monetize!

Site-Build-It is based upon the fundamental reality of the way people use the Web. To succeed online, you must start where they start...

CONTENT: People search for information, look for solutions -- they are not looking for you. Give them what they want by converting your knowledge into high-quality, in-demand CONTENT.

TRAFFIC: Your theme-based topical content ranks high at the Search Engines, attracting free, targeted TRAFFIC... interested, open-to-you visitors.

PRESELL: Develop trust and confidence ("PREsell") by OVER delivering relevant, original, high-value information to these motivated pre-customers. Then... and only then...

MONETIZE: MONETIZE your warm, willing-to-buy visitors in various ways. Sell hard goods, e-goods, your personal or professional services... or all three. Or become a "pure infopreneur" and earn substantial income without selling at all, through Google Ads, affiliate fees, finder’s fees and other techniques.


Get started now on building your online business, but don't just put up a web site and HOPE that people will find it. One of my favorite sayings is.... "If a tree falls in a forest and there's nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?" From a business perspective, "If a person puts up a web site and it is listed on page 463 of the search engines, is it a business?"

As Ken Evoy says.... "No one just happens to pass by your site and notice it. And no one is looking for you. After all, if they knew you existed, they would not be searching. They would already be customers. No one is looking for you at all."

I have talked with hundreds of people that put the cart before the e-horse by building an online store first and not understanding that you have to have traffic before you make sales. Follow the Site-Build-It road instead!

Again from Ken Evoy....

"Fact #1)
The Net is still young... we have not yet scratched its surface. Start now, though, while the opportunities are still great.

Fact #2)
Your competition is weak -- most small business sites die deaths of quiet desperation from zero-or-no-traffic. So once again, start now, while the savvy competitor is still a rare breed.

Fact #3)
SBI! gives you the unique edge, a huge competitive advantage -- it is the time-and-cost-effective way to build a profitable online business.

And THAT is why 51% of SBI! sites end up in the Top 6% of most trafficked sites on the net. It's your "unfair advantage" (of course, all's fair in love and business!)."

You can speak to a successful SBI user
Call 1-888-987-3669, 8AM-11PM (EST) 7 days/week
Or click here anytime to e-mail your question.

As Ken Evoy says.... "Not everyone succeeds at SBI!, just the folks who want to." You can create a successful business on the web. I can guarantee it will require customers! And NOTHING out there can give you the RESULTS that you can get with Site-Build-It!

Larry Pike