Hi! My name is Judd Burdon and I want to thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. The goal of my newsletter is to provide you with real life suggestions and examples of how you can improve your online results using SBI.

I will focus each issue on a number of specific real life examples and show you how to address specific topics that will improve the performance and results of your business.

As you probably already know, I head up the SiteSell expert advisor team. I have the pleasure of working very closely with Dr. Ken Evoy, the founder and President of SiteSell.com and SiteBuildIt.com.

Regardless of if you are a current SBI owner or not – my newsletter will provide you with insights into the real issues that face everyone who wants to drive meaningful traffic to their business, whether that business is online or offline.

Over the past year I have spoken with thousands of people who have called to ask questions about SBI and I have replied to thousands of email questions as well. It never ceases to amaze me how many people SBI can help reach their goal of improving their current business results – or in some cases, actually create a business from scratch.

SBI goes way beyond being an online website building, hosting solution in that the SBI system actually provides and delivers a full proof step by step guide as to how to build a successful business – period!

The world of technology can be overwhelming – and the true magic of the SBI operating system is that IT delivers all the technology and allows you to focus on developing the core content for your business.

I have found it extremely heart warming to have developed so many ‘long distance’ relationships with folks who I have had the privilege to get started with SBI. The stories, testimonials, reviews and stories of success are what make it all worthwhile and meaningful for me.

To see someone start from nothing and build a successful business that is sustainable is in many ways similar to what we as parents experience as our children grow and succeed in their endeavors.

The SBI program delivers a turnkey step by step process that when followed will deliver your business with meaningful and measurable results --- You will get TRAFFIC that will convert into leads and sales results. When I say – "WHEN FOLLOWED" I am referring to the SBI Action Guide – because this is in fact the secret – the pre requisite to your success… Following the SBI Action Guide. There are no shortcuts for this. It must be done.

Remember in school – when you would get a tough assignment – something long and arduous – something you didn’t want to do – well – frankly, some folks find the SBI Action Guide to be like that. What’s my answer to those people – Well – Tough – Sometimes you have to push through things that you are not going to like, to get the results you want. Let’s face it – there are no miracle diets – no silver bullets – just tough hard work that will deliver great results.

I am no rocket scientist – I am not a university grad – but I worked hard and got through the action guide and have built out a number of successful online sites and I have provided thousands of people with meaningful advise and guidance that has delivered real, measurable sales results for them.

So, what’s the bottom line -- Yes, the Action Guide is long and full of information and is sometimes hard to follow each step of the way, as there is just so much to absorb. But - Dr. Ken Evoy has put the Action Guide together to guarantee that you succeed online – He believes in over delivering and he has done that in spades – just follow the SBI Action Guide and you will succeed.

For people who have bought SBI and NOT followed the Action Guide all the way through – I can only really say one thing "Do yourself the favor" – GO BACK and follow it each step of the way”…. Trust Me, Ken knows what he is talking about!

For people who have NOT yet bought SBI… When you buy SBI you will download the Action Guide and the SBI Manager these tools will guide you through the SBI process that will result in you developing a keyword rich site that is guaranteed to get great rankings in the search engines along with targeted traffic. If you knew the millions of websites that DO NOT get these results you would be shocked – but the good news is that SBI sites that are developed and maintained using the SBI system TO GET THE RANKINGS AND THE TRAFFIC RESULTS.

When I first started looking at the online world I found it tough. I am not the academic type and I always seemed to get bogged down in the sea of information that is out there on the Internet. I am sure many of you know exactly what I am talking about.

When I discovered the SBI system I decided that my only choice was to give SBI my best try. I followed the Action Guide each step of the way and took my time. I did NOT rush. I found myself sailing through the information and I was finally making it happen, I was making great progress that I was not used to in the past.... ALL of the tools and material are included in the SBI package to help you succeed online -- it is just a matter of rolling up your sleeves, putting it all together and making it happen.... You are the Conductor!

The SBI Manager that comes with the package will clearly define what key words and topics you should build your site upon. If you build your site based on the keywords with high demand and low supply you will get traffic -- and at the point that your site has traffic you can then make a very reasonable living from just one site.

- You can sell your own hard goods right from your SBI site.
- You can sell your e-goods right from your SBI site

If you are still looking for an idea to build your online business on I recommend that you go to a new page that I created in SiteSell Experts – http://www.sitesellexperts.com/finding-an-idea.html

The first Web Site is ALWAYS the hardest to build and make income with, the next is always easier, trust me -I now have four web sites that WORK!

I went down the exact same online business building path as you are going down right now or about to go down - just over a year ago (14 months).

I want to assure you that I am NOT an internet expert or a techy, just an ordinary guy who has a background in the paving business, yes the paving business… People laugh sometimes when they hear that. Don’t believe me :-) You can go to http://www.asphaltkingdom.com/asphalt-king.html to see a picture of me 2 summers ago paving a driveway.

OK, here is some REAL meat - just for you!

I have put together a special schedule to follow right from the time that you purchase SBI. Please note that this is the schedule that I have followed to build my online businesses with SBI - So, consider it a bit of a personal tip and secret and just do yourself a favor and follow it all the way through ;-)

1) The first thing you will read upon purchase is the "Read Me First" document, right to the end, right to the end – Yes, I repeated myself on purpose ;-)

2) The next thing that you will read is the Action Guide. It is written by Dr. Ken Evoy (founder of SBI and SiteSell.com). Your guide will escort and advise you through a 10 DAY pathway of information and tools. Yes, a whole 10 days…. People who don’t have the time to spend 10 days reading and applying themselves are NOT cut out for SBI, as they are not prepared to roll up their sleeves and build an online business - so please stop reading now if you are in these shoes..... Upon completion of this 10 day pathway you will have a site that WILL attract visitors who are interested in your content – GUARANTEED! And your site will convert that traffic into income. In other words... In just 10 DAYS, you will literally start building income through content. Which is the only way to build a business online today without spending thousands of dollars.

READ the Action Guide right to the end, right to the end – Yes, I repeated myself one more time ;-)

3) You will use the SBI Manager to build a list of high profitability keywords related to your idea, present site, hobby, knowledge. The keywords that the SBI Manager will help you find will be the keywords from which you will build your web pages.

Example: Let’s say you loved New York and you wanted to build a site on New York, but you didn’t exactly know what it would all be about. What you would do is as follows – You would type “New York” into the SBI manager brainstorm and research box. The SBI Manager will then go out to the internet and find a list of related keywords to “New York”. You will usually get between 50 and 100 keywords back depending on your sites theme. Here is an example of SOME of the keywords that the Manager will come back to you with.

broadway shows new york subway maps new york city night clubs new york city maps new york city restaurant guide new york city shopping picture of new york new york apartment rentals new york city theater new your city tourism new york city vacation

Please note that these keywords have a reasonable number of searches on a monthly basis and barely any competition online. What’s next?

This is very important to follow.... You will build your web site based on the keywords above. Yes, each one of those keywords will have a dedicated individual optimized page in your site… Why? Because, there is barely any competition to getting to the top rank in the search engines for these particular keywords -- and there is a very reasonable number of people searching for these keywords on a monthly basis.

You would have a page about brodaway shows that would perhaps list all of the upcoming broadway shows in New York and you could also have a link though to a broadway show ticket seller that you could earn commissions on each ticket sold.

You would have a page on new york city restaurant guides where you could have a list of cheap and high end best restaurants to eat at. You could actually call the restaurants and do a deal with them. You could propose that you have a web site that reviews New York restaurants and you would like to be able to drive more customers to their restaurants that wouldn’t of been there otherwise. You could then create a form that people could fill out requesting a coupon and you would then send them an email coupon that the people could simply print out and take with them to a restaurant to get a 15% discount on their meal. As a part of the deal you would ask the restaurant owner to give you $10 for every coupon that comes into their restaurant.

I honestly just thought this all up in the last 10 minutes. Imagine what you could do in 10 days while following the Action Guide ;-)

4) On DAY 5 in the Action Guide (and not before), You will choose and register the PERFECT domain name for your new Site Build It! site. Use the Manager to do this. The key here is to register a domain with the highest demand (number of people searching on a monthly basis) but, yet is still profitable – meaning that the demand is higher then the supply.

Example: Let’s work with the New York keywords above again. I found that "New York City Maps" had the highest demand out of all of the most profitable keywords.

What would be the domain name that I would choose for this site?


This domain name would just give the site more credibility in the search engines because it is a common search phrase and therefore would give me better chance in ranking #1 in all of the major engines for that particular high demand keyword.

Have you ever noticed if you go to Google, AltaVista or any major engine and you type in a domain name excluding the "www." and the ".com" it will usually show up in #1 rank.

Go to Google and type in "asphaltkingdom" - Who shows up number #1?
Yes, www.asphaltkingdom.com is one of my web sites and yes, it shows up #1.

So this proves out my point above in regards to registering the right domain. MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER THE RIGHT DOMAIN, period.

(You may also transfer an existing domain in the SBI Manager if absolutely necessary... *NOT* recommended though.)

As soon as you HAVE registered your domain, two e-mails will be headed your way.

1st email) SUBJECT is "Site Build It! is Ready for You!"

The first e-mail, from Ken Evoy, confirms that your domain has been registered. It tells you how to log in and use SBI!'s SiteBuilder and TrafficCenter (DAYS 6-10 of Action Guide).

2nd email) SUBJECT is "Site Build It! Catchall E-mail is Set Up!"

The second e-mail confirms your catchall e-mail address and shows you how to use it. OR... as you will see in the Action Guide, you can redirect all e-mail that goes to your SBI! domain to any other e-mail address that you prefer!

5) Use the server-side SiteBuilder to build your Theme-Based Content Site, starting on DAY 6-8 in the Action Guide.

SBI’s templates are very easy to work with and I have used them for each of my sites.


(I Partnered with Alan Lofft on this site)

You can also use Front Page or Dream Weaver to build your site and then just upload the pages and analyze your pages to make sure they are fully optimized.

I really recommend that you go to see all of the SBI tips and techniques as I KNOW they will help you. You will probably want to come here before you build your whole site as there is so much helpful information here http://build.sitesell.com/tips

6) DAYS 8-10 in the Action Guide concentrate on building TARGETED traffic to your site, using BOTH the client-side Manager tools AND the server-side Analyzing tools to make sure your site is ready for submission and on the road to success.

There you have it! My 6 step guide to working and building an online business with SBI. Follow these guidelines and you will succeed!

I have added some recent new pages to SiteSellExperts.com -you can go to take a look at them

People who need help with Copywriting

People who need e-commerce

People who need to find an idea

The SBI reference Center

I hope that this January Newsletter has given you some guidance and input on your particular direction and situation with SBI.

Next Month’s Sneak Peak.

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*Adding audio to your SBI web site*

If you have not already ordered SBI - go to

All the best to you, your family and friends.

Judd Burdon

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