Solo Build It! Includes Tips 'n Techniques Headquarters.

Solo Build It!'s Tips 'n Techniques HQ provides you with interesting new uses, ideas, and strategies. They usually originate from Solo Build It! users ("SBIers").

SBIers are a curious and adventurous breed! Many try new ideas and push Solo Build It! above and beyond the process outlined in the Solo Build It! Action Guide.

For example: Jim Nelson added a PayPal Shopping Cart to his Solo Build It! site, an income-generator that we had not originally foreseen. But, of course, that's one of the big advantages of Solo Build It! ...

In our Tips 'n Techniques HQ You'll even find out how one of our SBIers uses his site to build a very successful network marketing home business!

Solo Build It! has so many tools, all integrated, that can be used in so many ways, that it begs for clever new concepts. Tips and Techniques HQ (TNT HQ) taps into this exciting creativity and shares it with all SBIers.

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