SBI!'s Search Engine Tracking & Ranking Tools

Have You ever submitted your Web Pages to the major Search Engines? You know how tedious it is. Over and over again, for each page. What a waste of time.

That's why they are not really "free." Because time, after all, is money.

Good news! Solo Build It! saves it's owners tons of time! As an SBI! owner, You'll never have to submit a page again. Solo Build It! simply does it for you...

Whenever you build or modify a page, Solo Build It! automatically submits it to all the major engines, according to the way, and the frequency, that they want it, and exactly the way a human would submit it by hand.

SBI!'s Submit-Spider-List Report tells you...

  • When each page was last submitted.

  • When it was last spidered. (i.e., when each engine's "scooping robot" last came to your site and brought each page "back to its database home")

  • When it was last found to be indexed. (officially listed in each engine's database)

And even after your page has been submitted, spidered, and listed; the Keyword Ranking Report tells you...
  • Where your page ranks, at each major engine, for the specific keyword that the page focuses upon!
The Keyword Searches Report tells you...
  • The keyword search that found that page, along with how many times.

  • Which search engine(s) found that page for that keyword each, along with how many times.

  • How you rank today for that keyword search at that engine.

    What does this mean for you? Hmmm... There is absolutely... no need to worry about whether the Search Engines "got the message." Solo Build It! can tell you when the engines send their little "robots" to spider through your newly built pages.

    NOTE: If a spider does not come, WorldSubmitter re-submits your pages.

    There is no need to check constantly at the engines to see when your pages become available in their listings. Solo Build It! tells you that, too!

    5 SBI! has a 100% Money-Back Satisfaction & Success Guarantee.... This decision is a no brainer for the serious web business builder.

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