SBI! has Traffic Statistics and Click Analysis Tools to help you follow your sites overall growth.

Traffic, of course, is your lifeblood. You need the means to do some "blood tests" to determine your site's health. That's what Traffic Statistics & Click Analysis Tools provide.

Let's take a look...

Clicking on the "Traffic Stats" link in SBI's Site Central takes you to a page that summarizes your traffic statistics on a month-by-month basis. Clicking on any "monthly text link" drills you down to detailed traffic data about your site for that month.

Traffic stats are updated overnight (Eastern Time North America).

The key to visitor data is to simplify. Forget the 150 different ways that traffic-analyzing software analyzes hits, visits, pages, page views, and visitors. You simply don't need to know how many left-handed Norwegians visit your site between 3-4 AM on Sundays.

Here's what you do need to know in order to improve...

1) Summary Stats - the first level of traffic statistics reports on the most fundamental traffic stats. On a per-monthly basis, SBI! reports the average number of visits, visitors, and pages viewed per day, as well as the totals for the month. Here's what those terms mean...

  • Visits: The number of visits to your site.

  • Visitors: The number of unique people who visit your site (ex., a visitor could account for 10 visits in a month).

  • Pages: The number of pages viewed by all the visitors during all the visits.
By comparing the monthly data, you should be able to see steady growth in your site's overall traffic. If not, the "patient" needs a good dose of traffic-building medicine. Just review DAYS 7-10 of the Action Guide (that is included in SBI's web hosting package) for that. Actually, this is a good idea even if traffic is building nicely - you can never have too much traffic!

2) Drill-down Stats: Clicking on the link for any given month brings you a wealth of traffic information...

  • Monthly statistics - summarized again, and elaborated upon (average and max), for easy reference.

  • Daily statistics - visits, visitors and pages are reported on a day-by-day basis, in both absolute terms and as a percentage of the total (ex., percent of total visitors). If you did a special traffic promotion on a certain day (ex., ad in an e-zine), this is as easy way to see what the response was.

  • Most popular pages - the statistics are broken down on a per-page basis, with the page generating the most page views reported first. By understanding which pages are most popular, you can better understand the needs of your visitors. Correlate this with your link-tracking data to make sure that your most popular pages "get the click" to your income generating programs.

  • Most popular entry pages - same as the previous section, except that this specifically tells you which pages are the most popular "entry" pages. A page counts as an entry page when it starts a visit. Correlate this with how people find you (referrers and keywords), and you have a wealth of understanding into how your site is being discovered, and what people are interested in. Which should point You to other related, profitable areas.

  • Most frequent exit pages - these are the pages from which people leave your site. Some people look upon high numbers for a given page as "bad." But you have to correlate this with other data... If a "high entry" page is also a "high exit" page, that's not really a surprise. If a "high exit" page is also generating tons of links for you, that's not so bad, either, is it?

  • Referrer URLs - this tells you where your traffic is coming from... search engines, other sites from link exchanges, etc., etc. Extremely useful info! If someone types your URL directly into the browser, that's a direct entry - so that visit won't have a referring URL.

  • Keywords - which keywords are people entering into the search engines to find you? That's what this super-valuable data tells you!

  • Countries - where are your visitors coming from? This is probably the least useful data. Still, if your site has more of a regional appeal, it may prove useful.
With such powerful and comprehensive Traffic Statistics and Click Analysis Tools is it any wonder why Solo Build It! achieves such amazing results.

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