Solo Build It! 's Web Hosting package makes Blogging a snap.

So what is "blogging?"

Basically, blogging means creating a "Web log" or a diary on your Web site. Each day (or whatever time frame you choose) you provide a new entry. Entries are in reverse-chronological order so that the most current is always at the top -- so all Solo Build It! owners have to do is add their new Text and Graphic Blocks at the top of their blogging page, not at the bottom.

A Web log is a fast way to share timely information (updates, new developments in your field, trends, etc.), express an opinion, answer a question, or exchange whatever info you want.

How you communicate in your Web log will depend upon your personality, your time commitments and the tolerance level of your audience. The guiding principle should be simplicity - quick and easy-to-create messages to stay in touch.

And Solo Build It! makes it easy to create this type of communication page. (You don't need to buy an add-on utility!)