Building a Website With Site Build It! is Like Stacking Blocks

If you can stack blocks, you can create Web pages... Sensational ones.

Remember those brainstormed keywords? That focus upon the most profitable keywords... You will create content that people want. Content attracts motivated traffic... which converts into business.

And Solo Build It! makes content-creation easy. Point, click, and insert everything a page needs.

When you are done building the page you will click on the Analyze It! button to be sure that the page is fully optimized and that it ranks high at the Search Engines.

It will tell you if your keywords are listed enough throughout the page and if they are not it will tell you the number of more times that they need to be added... In the scenario that your keywords are listed too much throughout the page, it will tell you the number of times that the keywords need to be removed so that your page does not look spammish or intrusive to the search engines. Increadible and easy optimization in just minutes :-)

Then click on the Preview It! (to make sure it looks just right). All set? Super!

Click the Build It! button and Voila... Your page has just been submitted to the engines :-) That Easy!