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Golden Nugget Newsletter
Volume #8 | 17/11/2004

Welcome to the monthly newsletter.

My name is Judd Burdon - The monthly newsletter is a FREE service that I developed to  share my online business success techniques with you -- regardless of whether or not you are already a Site Build It owner/user.

In my role as the director of the Site Build It Expert Advisor program I speak with hundreds of people every month who are looking for ways to make their online and offline businesses a success.

I speak with people who already have a website as well as with people who are just looking at the possibility of starting an online business. The one thing that most people have in common is that they all want to understand how to make their online businesses successful. They all want to get good traffic and sales conversion results. And that’s exactly what my expertise is – showing people how to succeed online.

I work very closely with Dr. Ken Evoy, the founder and President of Site Sell, and we are big believers in ‘walking the walk’ – and not just ‘talking the talk’. And that’s why we provide every prospective Site Build It client with real life examples of SBI clients who have built out successful websites.

I have had the personal experience of building out 4 successful online businesses with SBI. 
(Partnered with Alan Lofft)

The SiteSellExperts monthly newsletter is all about sharing my experiences, examples and suggestions with you - But I’d like to ask you to share any of your thoughts, suggestions, and SBI experiences with me at I always appreciate feed back as I am interested in making each and every newsletter edition as helpful and meaningful as possible :-)

I ALSO invite you to join in on the "sitesellexperts story" program. This allows you to create a page about yourself and how SBI has helped you with your online business -- The page that you create will be posted directly on the page just like the others that are already there.

Here are a couple of examples of the stories I am referring to....

Please send your story to :-)

This Months Topics to Discuss

  1. Heading off down the Yellow Brick Road..... Again -> Section #1
  2. Words of Wisdom from the Wizards Academy in Texas -> Section #2
  3. Community Growth Continues -> Section #3
  4. CTPM Reminder ;-) -> Section #4
  5. Tele-Seminar Recorded CD is now Available for you -> Section #5
  6. KickStart Keyword Tools is one of the best investments you could ever make -> Section #6
  7. Need professional web master services? -> Section #7

Heading off Down the Yellow Brick Road ....again
Section #1

For those of you who followed our family travel adventures last year – We are off again! We clicked our heels together and have magically escaped yet again from the northern cold...... My wife, son and I just arrived at our family home in Florida for a visit and the weather is outstanding – Here is a picture of our place.


Image Preview

We will be heading off from here on our way to our full time Caribbean home…. for those of you who didn’t get to see our little hide away in paradise – take a look at it here…..

Image Preview

Developing a successful online business has given me the opportunity to provide the quality of life for my family that I always dreamed of -- Dreams do come true when you take the actions required to make things happen.

Words of Wisdom from the Wizards Academy in Texas
Section #2

I have been very fortunate – I get to work with one of the worlds’ great online business success leaders – Dr. Ken Evoy. I recently had the opportunity to spend some quality time with a few other of the worlds’ online greats. Bryan and Jeff Eisenberg run which is a company that specializes in online conversion improvement. They also happen to be partners in The Wizard Academy, which is located just outside of Austin Texas. The wizard is Roy Williams who is an advertising legend. This is magical place and most of the time the students who attend the classes are from some pretty high end online businesses...... but I lucked out and got to share some of the core learnings with you here.

It’s all about the Words and Surprising Broca and the Human Brain!

Words are the only thing you have to work with when it comes to online communication – so you had better put them to work for you. Humans make their buying decisions based on their emotions – i.e. with feelings that they then support with ‘thinking’. The simplest way I can explain this is that you don’t ‘think’ trust – you ‘FEEL’ trust. You don’t think confident – you feel confident. No one buys anything from anyone until they have reached the point where their confidence level is sufficient to click the “buy now” button. And even when they do that – the sale is not a done deal....... all it takes is one slip – and the visitor is gone.

So, the words you choose are everything – and on top of that, your site's visitors have to feel and think that they are in the right place within 8 seconds of landing on ANY page in your site -- if they don't...... they will be gone. 

For those of you who use the Site Build It solution – you understand the power of the system and how SBI gives you the step by step process of how to make your online business succeed. But often I find that people focus on the traffic and search engine and keyword elements of the program without spending enough time working on understanding the critical importance of How to Make their words sell. Dr. Ken Evoy has written extensively on this topic as well - and - And the Wizard Roy Williams and a number of his partners like Bryan and Jeff Eisenberg understand the importance of getting the message across in just the right way. Read more about this and how using the right words gets the job done – and Surprises Broca – and understanding how the human brain works can help you achieve your online success goals. Read this for more detail 

Here is the Wizard’s map of the human Brain --

The importance of this topic is something that it is impossible to over stress. Spend the time on studying and understanding how to write effectively. Words are your only tools – make them count. The ClickZ articles have tremendous learning and I highly recommend that you read them along with Roy Williams Monday Morning Memo

Community Growth and Amazing Feedback
Section #3

The SiteSellExpert community site just keeps growing and growing with over 300 registered members working together -- interacting and engaging to benefit each others business. If you have not registered you really need to get over and do that as it will only benefit your online knowledge and experience. 

Our SSE community forum allows us to share ideas, concepts, questions and answers, feedback, information on upcoming and past events. I invite you to visit our 'boards' and become an active part of our SSE community. Also don't be shy to trade links with other members as this can only increase your overall link popularity and give you a better rank in the search engines.... Be sure though to trade links with sites that have relevant information and keywords ;-)

P.S. If you are looking at starting your own online community like please go to: 

I mention the following in EVERY newsletter
Because it is SO IMPORTANT to follow!

Content -> Traffic -> Pre-sell -> Monetize = Success!
Section #4


Remember -- People are not looking for you -- they search for information, and for solutions to their needs --  Give them what they want by converting your knowledge into high-quality, in-demand CONTENT. 

Build your pages based upon profitable keywords in regards to traffic. 99% of people fail online because they build their site based upon something they THINK will work -- wrong answer! -- SBI allows you to brainstorm your theme/site concept to come up with the PERFECT set of keywords that you will build your content based upon.  If you are looking for Expert Keyword Help please go to 


You will build content filled pages based upon the keywords that the SBI Manager helps you find -- remember, make sure that you are using high demand and low supply keywords. When you are done building the page you will click on the SBI Analyze It! button to be sure that the page is fully optimized and that it ranks high at the Search Engines. It will tell you exactly what changes to make to the page and where to include the keyword.

It will tell you if your keywords are listed enough throughout the page and if they are not it will tell you the number of more times that they need to be added... In the scenario that your keywords are listed too much throughout the page, it will tell you the number of times that the keywords need to be removed so that your page does not look spammish or intrusive to the search engines. Incredible and easy optimization in just minutes :-)


Remember - it's all about the Buying process --  you develop trust and confidence ("PREsell") by OVER delivering relevant, original, high-value information/content to these motivated pre-customers. *Adding audio to your emails or to your web site is just another step closer to gaining that trust and confidence that will later get your warm targeted traffic to convert PRESELL -->


MONETIZE your warm, willing-to-buy visitors in various ways. Sell hard goods, e-goods, your personal or professional services... or all three. Or become a "pure infopreneur" and earn substantial income without selling at all, through Google Ads, affiliate fees, finder’s fees and other techniques.” BUT ONLY do this once the visitors are Pre-sold.

A great example of pre-selling is my You will notice that the site is informational based and nowhere do I try to hard sell any of my visitors. Instead I provide high value content related to what the person searched for and then I allow them to contact me by phone or through the "Contact Judd Burdon" form at the bottom of every single page. This allows people to have a NO PRESSURE type feeling. There are NO "buy now" buttons on the site (I already tried that and the results were not as good as present ;-). 

Tele-Seminar Recorded CD for you
Section #5

I was recently involved in a Tele-seminar on the 7th of September that was an absolute success. People who were a part of the call say that it was extremely helpful and at the end of the day walked away with new ideas and concepts that they never knew could earn income online. There are also a tremendous number of tips as to how you can generate more free targeted traffic.

We have a recording of the tele-seminar for people who could not attend and are offering it at an incredibly low price of $49.95 -- That works out to $24.97 per hour for my tips and recommendations on building a successful online business. I usually charge $160 per hour for personal consultations like this. So, you are getting tremendous value for your investment.

Here is the Tele-seminar agenda that we discussed and what you will get a part of the CD......

  • Judd Burdon Intro (about me).

  • Some Background on where I come from and where I am now.

  • How to find the BEST niches to develop your content on, online business building ideas.

  • Tapping niche markets (some examples up niches that have been untapped).

  • Strategies on getting more free targeted traffic (incoming links, articles, etc.)

  • The do's and do not's of the net (Important for getting a high rank in the SE).

  • Monetization models to earn multiple streams of income.

  • Importance of a community for your visitors (the proof is in the pudding ;-)

  • Questions & Answers to finish off the call.

You can read more about what people had to
say about the tele-seminar

Click the "Buy Now" Button below to get your CD

KickStart Keyword Tools is one of the best investments you could ever make
Section #6

The Kickstart Keyword Tools program has been very popular among the SBI community. There are a lot of people out there that have an SBI site and want to build successful businesses online but need some help with the foundation building of their site -- the keyword analysis and research. This is why Rob Oskins (Certified SBI web master) has created the Keyword Kickstart Program at

Here is what one of his Keyword Kickstart customers has to say.......

The Kick-Start program is a GREAT kick in the pants for me! Thanks guys! You gave me dozens of great keywords to use and Wow, the sitemap is a timesaver for me. I am now ready to create my content and I don't have to worry about whether I am going in the right or wrong direction!

Thanks again!

- Jim in San Fransisco, CA

As you already know (IF you are a SBI user) it is critically important to build your online business based upon a profitable set/categories of keywords that relate to your site's theme. If you do this the chances of your success is much higher than if you don't as this foundation building is what keeps your house strong.

I am sure you can do this on your own BUT frankly doesn't it make sense for someone to do it right for you the first time -- someone who cares about your business and knows the secrets and shortcuts to generating the Perfect Keywords for YOUR business. It eliminates the learning curve which some SBI'ers know is a couple weeks in some cases.

You could always learn to pour your own foundation for your home but it just makes sense in some cases to hire the foundation expert who has all the wood forms already built -- your foundation is guaranteed to be stronger and last longer than if you poured it yourself.

Here are the services that come with "KickStart Keyword Tools" service:

  1. Research your site concept to come up with as many profitable keywords as possible.
  2. ALL the keywords will be put into what we call "keyword categories".

    Ex. Keywords like "Golf Clubs, Golfing Club, Golfing Clubs" would obviously fit into the "Golf Club" category. 

  3. Provide you with a list of related sites (competition, affiliate programs, research, etc.) to each profitable keyword.
  4. Important tips and techniques to using these keywords effectively and how to get the most out of your "KickStart Keyword Tools" investment.
  5. A sample sitemap.

Normally this service is offered at $319, but Rob is offering the first 50 people who want to get Kick-Started a $100 discounted savings! That means if you are among the first 50 people who contact him, you can get the entire Kick-Start Keyword Package for only $219

There are only a few spots left - It's been very popular - so be sure to book your spot as soon as possible.

Click Here to Get Keyword Kick Started

Need Some Professional ONE to ONE
Guidance with an SBI Expert?

Section #5

Rob Oskins is a Certified Site Build It Web Master

Looking for outstanding Web Master services to build out or improve your existing site. Meet Rob Oskins -- Web Master Extraordinaire!  Rob has got ALL the right stuff -- PLUS he really knows all the tricks to search engine marketing and development. Rob creates websites that not only look great but that incorporate ALL the SBI elements to deliver superior traffic performance. 

Get a FREE quote from Rob Oskins today!

Looking for the Guaranteed online business building success solution -- Go to 
and give Site Build It a try risk free today! 

All my best as always and please keep me posted on your SBI site!

Judd Burdon